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02 April 2020 8:39 AM | Anonymous

Dear Students, fans, friends, and family,

We have big news to share...we’re changing gears and going mobile!!! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we made the challenging decision to leave our current location and offer a smaller array of classes while focusing on developing a better community woodshop after this thing passes. 

As many of you know, our little storefront on 38th street has always been considered our starter home. It's a charming space, but over the past 3 years we have outgrown the physical space and the electrical limits (if you have been in a power tools class, you have experienced us blowing the breakers!) We need more space and more power to keep supporting the community and expanding as y’all have shown up in droves and our instructors keep proposing more awesome classes.

As the shop navigates the current situation with Covid-19, we have faced some obstacles and been given the gift of seeing our blindspots. Financially, we have depended on our in person classes to pay rent, pay instructors, and keep the lights on. It’s always been a makeshift diy space doing it month to month. We have been hit hard by the crisis and have spent some time reflecting on what actions make the most sense. 

The month of April we will be moving into storage and simplifying our course offerings until we can find a better home. We see this time as a “wildfire” ferociously taking down broken models and systems, but leaving fertile soil for the future. Instead of trying to resist, we are going to let this one take us and turn us into that soil that we can emerge stronger and brighter for the long haul.

We have been building an incredible non-profit board of brilliant minds and will be spending the next few months focusing on regrowth. More to come soon once we are done moving! Stay tuned.

If you are currently signed up for classes we will be in touch about a pop-up location to host or a cancellation with full refunds. Our small summer offerings will go live once we find a host. If you know a host that could share space during this limbo phase, please reach out:)

If you want to purchase wood, tools, workbenches, we will be posting things we are not able to keep on our instagram and will be offering contactless pick up after the Stay Home mandate expires...if it expires. 

Thank you for all your love, support, and hunger for woodworking!

More soon,

Jess & the crew



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