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empowering women & non-binary makers through the art of woodcraft


28 December 2022 8:04 AM | Anonymous


Fireweed Woodshop seeks apprentice to work in our beautiful 2000 square foot studio and assist a multitude of exciting classes while developing their own course work. We are looking for a 30 hr a week apprentice. 

Our ideal apprentice is a person that is passionate about woodworking and wants to educate others. They are driven to create equitable spaces in the woodworking industry and a socially conscious individual to support the needs of our students. 

Fireweed is a 501-c3 non-profit located in the Prospect Park neighborhood of  Minneapolis. Our organization offers small one day workshops to multi-week workshops on various woodworking projects. We specialize in craft, furniture building, and handy-person classes. Woodworking is an intimidating craft. Fireweed creates a comfortable environment for people of all abilities to try out new skills.

BIPOC Makers are strongly encouraged to apply.


Start Date Feb 14, 2023

Ending August 14th, 2023

Schedule will vary based on classes (nights/weekends)

Tech time will be during weekday hrs

Deadline to apply Feb 1st, 2023

After apprenticeship the position of contract instructor will be offered. 

6 months total, 30 hrs per week, $20/hr 

This is a 1099 Contract Employment Opportunity

Month 1 & 2: 20 hrs per week with instructors assisting in class, 8 with tech, & 2 hrs of training

Month 3 & 4:  15 hrs per week with instructors, 8 hours with tech, 2 hrs of training, and 1 hr with instructor 1 on 1, 4 hrs of exploration

Month 5 & 6:  6 hrs a week assisting classes, 4  hrs teaching workshops, 8 hrs with tech , 12 hrs per week for exploration


  • Tool safety training- basic tools to complex tools

  • Instructor Observation followed by instructor 1 on 1 time

  • Teaching pedagogy- workshop on how to teach in a non-hierarchical way

  • Gender Inclusion training- pronouns and etiquette workshop

  • Accessibility Training- workshop on how to make woodworking more accessible to different bodies

  • Racial Equity Workshop-how to navigate white supremacy within woodshops

  • Core Skills to teach: How to be a good teacher, How to take care of tools, How to structure a class

ASSIST INSTRUCTORS- Help instructors with multiple classes

TECH HOURS- Repair and maintain equipment

EXPLORATION TIME- Open time to develop course work & experiment with materials and tools


  • Tool Access

  • Shared Studio Access

  • Networking with makers & instructors

  • Networking with Educational Organizations & Cultural Institutions

  • Access to free material

  • Direct Shadowing of multitude of classes

  • Culturally responsive trainings

  • Free Professional Development Classes through Springboard for the Arts

  • Future instructor role 


Woodworking experience - due to the short nature of this apprenticeship some prior exposure to tools is helpful. You do not need to be an expert, but its helpful if you have had some basic experience. Even a powertools 101 class helps!

Socially Conscious-we are striving to make a safe woodworking space and want to make sure our students are supported. Its essential to understand the importance of trans inclusive language and want to be actively involved in dismantling white supremacy in the woodshop.

Desire to teach- you don't have to have teaching experience, but a desire to build community and share knowledge will fuel you in this position.


Phone Interview/Zoom interview with Jess

In-Person interview at the shop with Nia (Education Coordinator) & Jess (technician) & Board Member

ABOUT Fireweed

Fireweed fosters community and individual growth through woodworking classes, fabrication, volunteering, and celebration. Our inclusive and exploration-centered approach empowers women and nonbinary makers to build a new culture in woodworking.

We currently have a board of 12 members, 3 part time employees, and one beautiful 2000 sq ft studio. We have approximately 900 students taking classes per year with up to 17 classes per month. In the past 5 years we have had over 40 instructors teach at the woodshop and online, some zooming in from China and Brazil. Many instructors run full time furniture making businesses in addition to teaching. 

Racial Equity Committee Statement:

Woodworking and craft spaces in the United States have been predominantly cis, male, and white. Fireweed Community Woodshop recognizes that, much like in the natural world, diversity is good for the stability and flourishing of any ecosystem. We believe that we must be proactive in dismantling the white supremacy that exists within the woodworking space but also encourage and support people of color within our space and empower individuals and communities of color outside of our space. We are committed to growing a space in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.

To Apply Feb 1st & Email to

Write us a letter of interest with a resume or a short bio. 

Include 3 references (they do not have to be from a professional experience, but someone that can speak to your character). Include name, email, and phone number.

 Funding for this activity is provided by the Office of Arts, Culture and the

Creative Economy in the City of Minneapolis



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