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  • Shrink Box Class (for women + marginalized genders that are comfortable with a femme approach to woodworking)

Shrink Box Class (for women + marginalized genders that are comfortable with a femme approach to woodworking)

  • 05 December 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM (CST)
  • ZOOM
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  • Just class, will pick up tools

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Learn how to make a shrink box using traditional carving techniques....wait, what is a shrink box you ask? Its a fresh cut, hollowed out branch that has a dry piece of wood inserted In the bottom. As the branch dries, it shrinks around the dry base!

For this course you will learn how to hollow out the branch, carve a notch for the dry piece, saw the dry base for fitting, and carve the dry base. A lid will be discussed, but is an optional post class homework. Students will be able to keep tools for 1 week after class in order to finish project. 

Please wear pants and close toed shoes (even in your own home). Set up in a sweepable area, we are going to make some wood chips! You will need a desk or table to clamp to!

This course will be held over Zoom. It is limited to 6  people. The zoom link will be emailed to students after signing up for the course.

If you identify as a BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) student and would like reparations pricing please email us at and we will sign you up for just the materials fee.  Women's Woodshop believes in wealth re-distribution while our nation has still not offered proper reparations to marginalized communities.  

Course materials include:

1 branch, 1 curved knife, 1 straight knife, gloves, a coping saw, a clamp, base/lid material * materials fee doesn't not include the purchase of tools, just temp rental.

Materials can be picked up/dropped off for local students at location near Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. This address will be emailed to students upon registration. Out of state students will be given the option of requesting shipping and a return shipment envelope for an additional $26.00. (covers priority shipping  to & from ). 

Taught by Jess

Pricing Transparency:

Cost breakdown for $70 class:

Instructor receives $35/student

Admin receives $5

Tool purchases/upkeep  $20 (we have to make the curved knives)

Website/zoom subscription $10

Materials cost breakdown $15:

Wood  $5

Prep time $10 ( have to get fresh cut wood for this)

What's this new thing? We are exercising better transparency and want folks to know what goes into a class and why they cost what they do.


Need a scholarship? We got you! Just email us, tell us what you can afford and we will cover the rest. No questions asked. 



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