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RESCHEDULED Virtual Handcut Dovetails Demo (For women and marginalized genders, non-binary folks and trans men)

  • 12 May 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Zoom


  • Cant financially contribute to the shop right now, but want to attend!
  • Suggested price
  • Pay for you and 2 guests
  • Cover you and a guest!

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A dovetail is a type of joint used in furniture and cabinet making that is functional, strong, and pleasing to most eyes. This demo will focus on Through Dovetails, a quintessential joint for all skill levels.

In this demonstration the student will learn about the functionality of the dovetail and its parts: pins and tails! This is a step by step demo that brings the student through the creation of dovetailed joinery using a methodical order of operations and variety of hand tools.

The instructor will demonstrate the use and purpose of layout tools, how to hold a dovetail saw and cut to layout lines, chopping and paring with chisels, how and when to use a mallet, removing waste material with a coping saw (as opposed to chopping) and fitting the dovetail! We will focus on why and when we use each tool or technique and how to safely handle all tools so that the student can think critically (and maybe even creatively) about the construction of their future dovetails.

(This is a demo, so no class materials will be sent out.)

Kelly Harris is a woodworker, furniture maker, designer, and educator. She designs and builds custom pieces in her shop located in Brooklyn, NY. When she is not busy in the shop, you can find her teaching woodworking classes and leading workshops to share her love of the craft with others. Kelly's work is primarily in wood with a focus on solid joinery, simple yet playful design, shape exploration, and hidden splashes of color.

This discussion will be held on Zoom so that we can take your questions live and pick Kelly's brain on all things dovetails! It will be recorded so you will be able to watch it for up to a month after the seminar happens.

Pricing Transparency (suggested admission of $15, our goal is to have 15 participants):

Lecturer Fee: $150

Admin Fee: $75

Website & Zoom Subscription: $11

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