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empowering women & non-binary makers through the art of woodcraft

Upcoming events

    • 13 March 2021
    • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (UTC-06:00)
    • Zoom
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    Join us for an afternoon with Sheilla Actis, a jewelry maker from Brazil! In this workshop, Sheilla will show you marquetry veneer techniques that can be applied in small objects or jewelry. You will learn how to cut veneer with a knife and glue  wood veneers to create  geometric earrings. She also share and talk about wood finishes and which ones she works with. Finishes will be discussed but not done with the class due to variety of options.  The process is quite simple and it can be made at home with small pieces of wood veneers and basic hand tools. You keep the kit!

    About Sheilla in her own words:

    My name is Sheilla, I am a Brazilian woodworker who fell in love with wood at a violin making workshop in Cambridge, 201O. Later I got very interested in marquetry so I took every course I could find in Brazil. 

    There are so many types, styles and techniques in marquetry. They can bring different possibilities to woodworking. 

    For the past years I have  been teaching how to apply these techniques in jewelry and I also have started a small business to sell my work and create new projects from wood wastes that combine marquetry techniques and my creative process. 

    Cost break down for kits $21:

    knife $10

    clamp $3

    glue $2

    Sand paper $1

    Veneers $5

    Students provide their own: pencil, ruler, packing tape, cardboard or mat board to cut on top of,  earring fasteners, drill bit and drill for making the hole.

    Pricing Transparency:

    Cost breakdown for $36 class:

    Instructor receives $20/student

    Admin receives $10/student

    Website/zoom subscription $6/student


    Kits will be available for pick up 1 week before class at a location in South Minneapolis to be shared upon registration.



    If you would like reparations pricing, class fee waived/just pay materials fee please email us at

    If you need financial assistance for the class please email us what you can pay and we will cover the rest

    • 27 March 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • 28 March 2021
    • (UTC-06:00)
    • 2 sessions
    • North House Folk School, 500 W Hwy 61, Grand Marais, MN 55604
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    Join us for a special BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) centered weekend in Grand Marais to learn the ins and outs of power tools! In this workshop you will spend two days building a SMALL SIDE TABLE using the trestle frame design.

    The first part of class will focus on getting you comfortable with the heavy hitters in the Woodshop: table saw, miter saw, planer and jointer! The second part of class will cover basic joinery and sanding your table to its finished state. The final finish will be discussed but not executed in class so that you can take home a dry table and wrap up at home. Sunday is an optional half day if you want to hit the road early, but you may stay until 5:00 if you wish.

    This workshop is in partnership with North House Folk School in order to share the beautiful landscape of Lake Superior with the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Fireweed Community. 

    Grand Marais is 5 hours north of the Twin Cities. With the help of North House Staff we will provide FREE guest apartments for groups of 2+kids to accommodate 3 groups of 2 students, ideally traveling with your pod to minimize covid risk. We hope friends, partners, family members will sign up together. If traveling solo, we will pair you with other solo folks if you want the free lodging otherwise there are many options in Grand Marais. Child care will be provided to families through a craft activity led by Nia Zekan, North House Intern and Fireweed Board Member.

    Once you register you will be given the details on rentals (air bnb style private apartments) and make sure you have a sleeping situation that works well for you and your pod partner and if you bringing kiddos. We will email you as soon as we can but it should be within 1 week of registration.

    In case of a snow emergency, we will cancel class and you will be refunded your materials fee. You will be notified via email as soon as we know.

    Taught by Meena Mangalvedhekar

    Pricing Transparency:
    Instructor fee $700 (we will fundraise for this), $0 cost to students
    Admin time $75- donated by Fireweed Staff
    Shop Rental- Donated by North House Folk School
    Materials Fee$50 to cover lumber, glue, & screws

    If this cost is prohibitive please email us at

    • 30 March 2021
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC-06:00)
    • Zoom
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    Join us for a virtual workshop on chip carving - a versatile style of folk carving using inexpensive and simple tools taught by the talented Aspen Golann.

    Aspen will demonstrate essential cuts and shapes that you can use to adorn furniture, boxes, utensils, any kind of decorative or functional woodwork. We will cover design layout, traditional motifs, and contemporary designs.

    Learn to use a traditional cut knife for use in soft woods, and a straight chisel for hardwood and furniture applications. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a new way to apply a lifetime of woodworking experience, chip carving is an exciting and accessible craft. We will cover tools, wood selection, grips, straight and curved cuts, Roman letters, carving design and layout, and straight chisel techniques to carve in furniture grade hardwoods.

    March 30th 6:00pm central time

    This course will be held over Zoom. It is limited to 16 people in order to offer more more interaction with peers and instructor. The zoom link will be emailed to students after signing up for the course. It will be recorded for participants to reference later on.

    Course materials include: practice Basswood Boards, print off patterns, acetone, and  flexcut chip carving knife rental. Materials can be picked up/dropped off for local students at location near Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis on March23 4:00-9:00 pm. This address will be emailed to students upon registration. Out of state students will be given the option of requesting shipping and a return shipment envelope for an additional $18.00. (covers to & from shipping). 

    This course has 8 sponsored seats for the BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) community to take this course at cost for the materials fee of $15. Women's Woodshop believes in wealth re-distribution while our nation has still not offered proper reparations to marginalized communities.  The course registration and shipping fee will be waived for individuals who identify as BIPOC.

    Aspen Golann is an artist and a 17th & 18th century-style furniture maker living in North Carolina. Her furniture work blends contemporary art with classic American furniture forms to make subtle statements about power dynamics in the world of craft. Golann’s work has been exhibited nationally and is published in Fine Woodworking Magazine, American Period Furniture, Lost Art Press Blog, Luxe Magazine, Art New England, and artscope. She does domestic and international commission work for designers such as Beata Heuman (UK), Harvard Design Project (MA), and Building Preservation Associates (MA). She has taught at Penland School of Craft (NC), Haystack School of Crafts (ME), Lie Nielsen Tool Works (ME), and has done residencies at The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (ME), Torpedo Factory (VA), Monson Arts (ME) and the Vermont Studio Center (VT). She has received funding for her work from The Massachusetts Cultural Council, The Society of American Period Furniture Makers, Anderson Ranch Art Center and The Maloof Foundation. She holds a degree in Fine Furniture from the acclaimed North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA, as well as a BA in studio art from Kenyon College and is currently the Wood Shop Coordinator for The Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC.


    Cost breakdown for $45 class:

    Instructor receives $50/hr  for instruction

    Admin receives $5/student

    Tool Rental $10

    Website/zoom subscription $10

    Materials cost breakdown $15:

    Wood $10

    Prep time $5

    What's this new thing? We are exercising better transparency and want folks to know what goes into a class and why they cost what they do.


    Need a scholarship? We got you! Just email us, tell us what you can afford and we will cover the rest. No questions asked. 

Past events

23 February 2021 VIRTUAL Spoon Carving (All gender/no gender)
16 February 2021 VIRTUAL Dala Horse Carving (All Gender/No Gender)
09 February 2021 VIRTUAL woodblock printmaking 101 (carving and home printing) (For women and non-binary folks comfortable with a femme centered setting)
02 February 2021 VIRTUAL Bowl Power Carving Demo (For Women & Non-binary folks comfortable with a femme centered space)
17 December 2020 Introduction to Chip Carving for Women and Non-binary Makers that are comfortable with a femme centered space
12 December 2020 VIRTUAL Wooden Earrings Demo (For Women & Non-binary folks comfortable with a femme centered space)
10 December 2020 VIRTUAL Spoon Carving (for women + marginalized genders that are comfortable with a femme approach to woodworking)
05 December 2020 Shrink Box Class (for women + marginalized genders that are comfortable with a femme approach to woodworking)
19 November 2020 Getting into the Trades- A panel discussion
15 November 2020 VIRTUAL Decorative Carving Demo with Ouida Vincent (For women and marginalized genders who are comfortable in femme oriented spaces)
07 November 2020 BIPOC Power Tools 101 (for women + marginalized genders that feel comfortable with a femme approach to woodworking)
07 November 2020 Power Tools 101 (for women + marginalized genders that feel comfortable with a femme approach to woodworking)
21 October 2020 Introduction to Chip Carving for Women and Non-binary Carvers
07 June 2020 CANCELLED Bowl Turning 201 (for women + non-binary makers)
20 May 2020 CANCELLED Power Tools 101 (for women + non-binary makers)
16 May 2020 CANCELLED BIPOC Power Tools 101 (For Women & Non-Binary Makers of Color)
15 May 2020 CANCELLED Bowl Turning (for women + non-binary makers)
13 May 2020 VIRTUAL Spoon Carving (for women + non-binary makers)
13 May 2020 Virtual Spoon Carving
10 May 2020 CANCELLED Virtual Wood Block Carving - Mother' Day Edition (for women + non-binary makers)
09 May 2020 CANCELLED Picture Frames (For Women & Non-binary Makers)
09 May 2020 CANCELLED Bandsaw Hair Pins & Hair Sticks (for Women & Non-binary Makers)
07 May 2020 CANCELLED Power Tools 101 (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
21 April 2020 VIRTUAL Advanced Spoon Carving (for women + non-binary makers)
17 April 2020 CANCELLED Build A Viking Era Loom (all genders/no genders)
14 April 2020 VIRTUAL Spoon Carving (for women + non-binary makers)
11 April 2020 CANCELLED Be Your Own Handyperson: Kitchen Renovation
08 April 2020 CANCELLED Power Tools 101 (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
07 April 2020 CANCELLED- Birch Bark Bangle (for women & non-binary makers)
04 April 2020 VIRTUAL-Garden Cold Frame
03 April 2020 VIRTUAL- Garden Cold Frame
02 April 2020 CANCELLED Build A Side Table (for women + non-binary makers)
01 April 2020 CANCELLED-BIPOC Power Tools 101 (For Women & Non-Binary Makers of Color)
25 March 2020 CANCELLED Bowl Turning (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
21 March 2020 Postponed Kolrosing: Next Level! (all gender/no gender)
21 March 2020 POSTPONED Kolrosing Basics (All gender/no gender)
14 March 2020 Be Your Own Handyperson: TRIM 101 (for women and non-binary makers)
13 March 2020 Make A Date with the Table Saw (women + non-binary folks)
11 March 2020 Hook Knife Sheath for Spoon Carvers (all gender/no gender)
29 February 2020 Bandsaw Hair Pins & Hair Sticks (for Women & Non-binary Makers)
22 February 2020 Butterfly Joint Tea Tray (all gender/no gender)
16 February 2020 Dala Horse Carving (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
15 February 2020 BIPOC Power Tools 101 (For Women & Non-Binary Makers of Color)
14 February 2020 Who Cares about Valentine's Day Craft Hang (for women + non-binary makers)
13 February 2020 Spoon Carving (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
12 February 2020 Bowl Turning (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
08 February 2020 Dala Horse Carving (for women + non-binary makers)
06 February 2020 Power Tools 101 (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
05 February 2020 Post and Rung Stool (for women + non-binary makers) SOLD OUT
03 February 2020 Valentine-Palentine Print Making Class (For Women + Non-binary Makers)


Dear Ones,

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Unequivocally Black lives matter.  We mourn the death of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and so many others that were murdered by the police. The shop actively believes in dismantling white supremacy and supporting the BIPOC community, in particular Black lives right now.

We know you haven’t heard from us in a minute because we have paused to focus on the Minneapolis and St. Paul community in real life, not the digital realm. We are slowly coming back together to keep working on our new structure as non-profit and making sure we build anti-racism actions into our very foundation so we can address the vast inequities in the woodworking world. We hope you too are looking at your role in white privilege and how to deconstruct the injustices woven into this country’s framework too.

We do intend to offer classes again but there is a lot of work to do behind the scenes and there is still a pandemic and unfortunately touching and sharing tools is a big part of our classroom. Please be patient with us and support organizations that are changing the world for the better right now.

Black Visions Collective

Black Women Build

Crafting the Future

Black Lives Matter


Dear Students, fans, friends, and family,

We have big news to share...we’re changing gears and going mobile!!! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we made the challenging decision to leave our current location and offer a smaller array of classes while focusing on developing a better community woodshop after this thing passes. 

As many of you know, our little storefront on 38th street has always been considered our starter home. It's a charming space, but over the past 3 years we have outgrown the physical space and the electrical limits (if you have been in a power tools class, you have experienced us blowing the breakers!) We need more space and more power to keep supporting the community and expanding as y’all have shown up in droves and our instructors keep proposing more awesome classes.

As the shop navigates the current situation with Covid-19, we have faced some obstacles and been given the gift of seeing our blindspots. Financially, we have depended on our in person classes to pay rent, pay instructors, and keep the lights on. It’s always been a makeshift diy space doing it month to month. We have been hit hard by the crisis and have spent some time reflecting on what actions make the most sense. 

The month of April we will be moving into storage and simplifying our course offerings until we can find a better home. We see this time as a “wildfire” ferociously taking down broken models and systems, but leaving fertile soil for the future. Instead of trying to resist, we are going to let this one take us and turn us into that soil that we can emerge stronger and brighter for the long haul.

We have been building an incredible non-profit board of brilliant minds and will be spending the next few months focusing on regrowth. More to come soon once we are done moving! Stay tuned.

If you are currently signed up for classes we will be in touch about a pop-up location to host or a cancellation with full refunds. Our small summer offerings will go live once we find a host. If you know a host that could share space during this limbo phase, please reach out:)

If you want to purchase wood, tools, workbenches, we will be posting things we are not able to keep on our instagram and will be offering contactless pick up after the Stay Home mandate expires...if it expires. 

Thank you for all your love, support, and hunger for woodworking!

More soon,

Jess & the crew

UPDATE: 3/24/2020 WE ARE OPEN ONLINE! We are working on fun virtual ways to do woodworking while our current space is closed. We have a brand new page that hosts our online offerings. The first offering is a free downloadable coloring sheet, updated daily! We are also offering our first VIRTUAL OPEN SHOP this thursday 6:00-9:00. A link will be posted shortly and this will be a free get together to talk through your projects you are working on at home with two woodworkers/makers Meena Mangalvedhekar and Jess Hirsch. See you on the internet!

UPDATE: 3/16/2020 WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSING! Due to the pandemic we believe it is our social responsibility to flatten the curve and advocate for social distancing. We are postponing our classes as the news comes out. If you have courses scheduled we will be emailing you about rescheduling opportunities and refunds. Its a bit of a dance to re-arrange all the classes so please be patient as we work through the upcoming classes for this week. We will most likely be rescheduling all classes through April 10th, but have to do it in batches. Thank you for your patience.

What actions are you taking for Covid-19?

  • We are staying up to date with information. Here are some of the local resources:

  • We are asking everyone that visits the woodshop to stay home if you feel even minor symptoms of cold, flu, fatigue, upper respiratory uneasiness. In such cases, we will allow you to reschedule any class for up to 60 days of your missed class (for any future date class). You can still cancel your classes 14 days in advance with no penalty.

  • We are upping the game and keeping our shop even cleaner before and after each class.Since COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for up to 9 days, it is important to disinfect surfaces and often.

  • All products leaving our shelves will go through the disinfection process for worry- free product owning or gifting experience.

  • If an instructor is ill, they will cancel classes and you will be fully refunded or can transfer your class credit immediately. 

  • Notifications of class cancellation will be via email.

What is your cancellation policy during the Covid-19 crisis? You may transfer your class credit for up to 60 days of your cancelled class (to any future class). If the course costs less than you cancelled class we will not be able to refund the difference, and if it costs more, we will request the additional amount.

If you are taking a multi-day class and need to cancel for 2 or more sessions due to illness, you will be offered a credit for the percentage of courses you missed.  Example: if you miss 2 of the Handy Person Kitchen Class ($40/ class) you will be able to transfer $80 credit to a new course. If you miss 1 class, we will help you catch up with notes, photos, and in some cases video documentation.

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Women's Woodshop is a woodworking studio that empowers people and builds community through the art of woodworking.

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We also host club nights and the occassional party...Our parties look more like a skillshare around building outhouses in the woods.

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Fireweed Community Woodshop (formerly Women's Woodshop) empowers women and non-binary makers through the art of woodcraft.   We offer classes, community events, and more.


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